[30/July/2018 Updated] PassLeader Offer 60q PSE-Platform – Professional PDF and VCE Dumps With New Update Questions (Part A)

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What are the three benefits of the Palo Alto Networks migration tool? (Choose three.)

A. Conversion of existing firewall policies to Palo Alto Networks NGFW policies.
B. Analysis of existing firewall environment.
C. Assistance with the transition from POC to Production.
D. Elimination of the need for consulting/professional services.
E. The migration tool provides App-ID enhancements to improve Technical Support calls.

Answer: ABC

Palo Alto Networks publishes updated Command and Control signatures. How frequently should the related signatures schedule be set?

A. Once an hour
B. Once every minute
C. Once a week
D. Once a day

Answer: D

A service provider has acquired a pair of PA-7080s for its data center to secure its customer base’s traffic. The server provider’s traffic is largely generated by smart phones and averages 6,000,000 concurrent sessions. Which Network Processing Card should be recommended in the Bill of Materials?

A. PA-7000-40G-NPC
B. PA-7000-20GQ-NPC
C. PA-7000-20GQXM-NPC
D. PA-7000-20G-NPC

Answer: C

A customer is worried about unknown attacks, but due to privacy and regulatory issues, won’t implement SSL decrypt. How can the platform still address this customer’s concern?

A. It pivots the conversation to Traps on the endpoint preventing unknown exploits and malware there instead.
B. It bypasses the need to decrypt SSL Traffic by analyzing the file while still encrypted.
C. It shows how AutoFocus can provide visibility into targeted attacks at the industry sector.
D. It overcomes reservations about SSL decrypt by offloading to a higher capacity firewall to help with the decrypt throughput.

Answer: A

Where are three tuning considerations when building a security policy to protect against modern day attacks? (Choose three.)

A. Create an anti-spyware profile to block all spyware.
B. Create a vulnerability protection profile to block all the vulnerabilities with severity low and higher.
C. Create an SSL Decryption policy to decrypt 100% of the traffic.
D. Create an antivirus profile to block all content that matches and antivirus signature.
E. Create a WildFire profile to schedule file uploads during low network usage windows.

Answer: BCE

Which two designs require virtual systems? (Choose two.)

A. A shared gateway interface that does not need a full administrative boundary.
B. A virtual router as a replacement for an internet-facing router.
C. A single physical firewall shared by different organizations, each with unique traffic control needs.
D. A VMware NSX deployment that needs micros segmentation.

Answer: BC

Which three network events are highlighted through correlation objects as a potential security risks? (Choose three.)

A. Identified vulnerability exploits.
B. Suspicious traffic patterns.
C. Known command-and-control activity.
D. Launch of an identified malware executable file.
E. Endpoints access files from a removable drive.

Answer: ABC

A customer is adopting Microsoft Office 365 but is concerned about the potential security exposure that such a move could mean. The security analyst suggests using Aperture and the Palo Alto Network firewall together to provide data and network security. What are the two reasons this solution has been suggested? (Choose two.)

A. The firewall secures data in transit between the network and the cloud.
B. Aperture prevents users from using non-sanctioned SaaS applications.
C. The firewall scans data that resides in the cloud for malware.
D. Aperture scans data that resides in the cloud for sensitive information.

Answer: AB

Which license is required to receive weekly dynamic updates to the correlation objects on the firewall and Panorama?

A. WildFire on the firewall, and AutoFocus on Panorama.
B. URL Filtering on the firewall, and MindMeld on Panorama.
C. Threat Prevention on the firewall, and Support on Panorama.
D. GlobalProtect on the firewall, and Threat Prevention on Panorama.

Answer: C

What two advantages of the DNS Sinkholing feature? (Choose two.)

A. It can be deployed independently of an Anti-Spyware Profile.
B. It is monitoring DNS requests passively for malware domains.
C. It can work upstream from the internal DNS server.
D. It is forging DNS replies to known malicious domains.

Answer: CD

Which Palo Alto Networks security platform component should an administrator use to extend policies to remote users are not connecting to the internet from behind a firewall?

A. Threat Intelligence Cloud
B. Traps
C. GlobalProtect
D. Aperture

Answer: C

A specific URL keeps appearing in URL filtering log entries, it was blocked successfully, but the administrator would like to investigate further. In which two ways would AutoFocus help this administrator? (Choose two.)

A. Generate a list of IP addresses for use in Dynamic Address Groups on the firewall.
B. Identify malicious files associated with this URL.
C. Generate a correlation object that can be used to monitor associated activities.
D. Identify malware campaigns associated with this URL.

Answer: AD

How do Highly Suspicious artifacts in-AutoFocus help identify when an unknown, potential zero-day, targeted attack occur to allow one to adjust the security posture?

A. Highly Suspicious artifacts are associated with High-Risk payloads that are inflicting massive amounts of damage to end customers.
B. All High Risk artifacts are automatically classified as Highly Suspicious.
C. Highly Suspicious artifacts are High Risk artifacts that have been seen in very few samples.
D. Highly Suspicious artifacts have been seen infecting a broad, significant range of companies.

Answer: C

DNS sinkholing helps identify infected hosts on the protected network using DNS traffic in situations where the firewall cannot see the infected client’s DNS query (that is, the firewall cannot see the originator of DNS query). Which of the following Statements is true?

A. DNS Sinkholing requires the Vulnerability Protection Profile be enabled.
B. Sinkholing malware DNS queries solves this visibilty problem by forging responses to the client host queries directed at fake domains created in a controlled “Fake Internet” called Zanadu which designed for testing and honeypots.
C. Infected hosts can then be easily identified in the traffic logs because any host that attempts to connect the sinkhole IP address are most likely infected with malware.
D. DNS Sinkholing requires a license SinkHole license in order to activate.

Answer: C

A customer is targeted by a true zero-day, targeted attack. However, the customer is protected by the Palo Alto Networks security platform. The attack leverages a previously unknown vulnerability in IE but utilizes existing hacking techniques on the endpoint. It is transported over standard HTTP traffic and conforms to the HTML standards. It then attempts to download from a website, compromised specifically for this attack, a custom piece of malware to run on the endpoints. Which element of the platform will stop this attack?

A. App-ID
C. Traps
D. WildFire

Answer: D

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