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Refer to the exhibit. The output that is shown is generated at an industrial switch. Which three statements are true? (Choose three.)

A.    All ports will be in a state of discarding, learning, or forwarding.
B.    Thirty VLANs have been configured on this switch.
C.    The bridge priority is lower than the default value for spanning tree.
D.    All interfaces that are shown are on shared media.
E.    All designated ports are in a forwarding state.
F.    This switch must be the root bridge for all VLANs on this switch.

Answer: ACE

At which Layer would you check for spanning tree loops?

A.    Layer 1
B.    Layer 2
C.    Layer 3
D.    Layer 4

Answer: B

At which Layer would you troubleshoot a cabling issue?

A.    Layer 1
B.    Layer 2
C.    Layer 3
D.    Layer 4

Answer: A

Refer to the exhibit. A technician enters the exhibited commands to configure a new router on the plant floor, but receives an error message when attempting to save the configuration. What can the technician do to correct the problem?

A.    Enter the correct command.
B.    Enter the command at the correct prompt.
C.    Upgrade the amount of flash memory in the router.
D.    Erase NVRAM to make room for the configuration file.
E.    Add NVRAM because there is not enough room for the configuration file.

Answer: A

In which two ways could you minimize the impact of monitoring an industrial network? (Choose two.)

A.    Send random messages to a device and see what the response is.
B.    Do frequent ping sweeps to industrial devices to check for their proper operations.
C.    Make a copy of all the network traffic and analyze it offline.
D.    Use an industrial-network-grade IDS-IPS system.

Answer: CD

Which three pieces of information must be maintained for all stakeholders as part of the change management process? (Choose three.)

A.    the location of the person who applied the change
B.    the date and time that the change was applied and on which device
C.    the original change request form that indicates why the change is necessary
D.    the size of the change (in bytes)
E.    a description of the actual change itself (configuration, program code, and so on)
F.    the names of the current members of the change advisory board
G.    the industrial protocol that is used

Answer: BCE

With a Cisco IE 2000 switch, what does a power status LED indicate when it is solid green?

A.    Power is present on the associated circuit and the system is operating normally.
B.    Power is present on the associated circuit, but there is no correlation to whether the system is operating normally.
C.    The system is operating normally, but power is not necessarily present on the associated circuit.
D.    Power is not present on the associated circuit and the power supply alarm is configured.
E.    The power status LED does not show solid green.

Answer: A

What does the Cisco PSIRT issue for significant security issues that directly involve Cisco products and require an upgrade, fix, or other customer action?

A.    Cisco Security Advisories
B.    Cisco Security Responses
C.    Cisco Security Notices
D.    Cisco Security Bulletins

Answer: A

What is a reason to use privileged EXEC mode on an industrial switch?

A.    to verify commands that you have entered
B.    to change terminal settings
C.    to configure VLAN parameter
D.    to configure parameters that apply to the entire switch

Answer: A

Which two commands can help you to determine what image is running on your industrial switch? (Choose two.)

A.    show version
B.    show spanning-tree
C.    show interface-switch
D.    show interfaces gigabitEthernet x/y switchport
E.    show license

Answer: AE

Which parameter would you tune to affect the selection of a static route as a backup, when a dynamic protocol is also being used?

A.    hop count
B.    administrative distance
C.    link bandwidth
D.    link delay
E.    link cost

Answer: B

What is a characteristic of cables that are used in articulating equipment arms?

A.    fiber-optic zip-cord construction
B.    shielded copper twisted pair
C.    high flex rated cable
D.    type PLTC cable

Answer: C

Which protocol is a secure alternative to Telnet?

A.    SSH
B.    FTP
C.    SMTP
D.    SNMP
E.    HTTP

Answer: A

What is the function of the command switchport trunk native vlan 999 on a Cisco Catalyst switch?

A.    It creates a VLAN 999 interface.
B.    It designates VLAN 999 for untagged traffic.
C.    It blocks VLAN 999 traffic from passing on the trunk.
D.    It designates VLAN 999 as the default for all unknown tagged traffic.

Answer: B

Which of the following are benefits of VLANs? (Choose three.)

A.    They increase the size of collision domains.
B.    They allow logical grouping of users by function.
C.    They can enhance network security.
D.    They increase the size of broadcast domains while decreasing the number of collision domains.
E.    They increase the number of broadcast domains while decreasing the size of the broadcast domains.
F.    They simplify switch administration.

Answer: BCE

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