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A.    spine and leaf topologyB.    port-to-portC.    port-to-multipointD.    star topologyE.    arbirated loop Answer: BD NEW QUESTION 201Which two statements about a sipne and-leaf data center design are true? (Choose two.) A.    The design is a three-tier architecture.B.    The design is a two-tier architecture.C.    A spine switch corresponds to an access switch in a traditional data center design.D.    All spine switches connect directly to one another.E.    A leaf switch corresponds to an access switch in a traditional data center design. Answer: BE NEW QUESTION 202How many layers are present in the OSI layer model versus the TCP/IP model? A.    5 layers in OSI and 6 layers in TCP/IPB.    6 layers in OSI and 3 layers in TCP/IPC.    4 layers in OSI and 7 layers in TCP/IPD.    7 layers in OSI and 4 layers in TCP/IP Answer: C NEW QUESTION 203Which description of a vFC interface is true? A.    It can be associated to more than one VSAN.B.    It must be bound to an FCoE-enabled Ethernet or EtherChannel interface.C.    It can be associated to a private VLAN.D.    It can be associated to an FCoE VLAN. Answer: B NEW QUESTION 204Which statement about the HSRP protocol is true? A.    Multiple routers in an HSRP group are in an active state, to enable round-robin load balancing of traffic.B.    In Cisco NX-OS. HSRP is configured to pre-empt by default.C.    HSRP version 2 is an open standard protocol that is described in RFC 2281.D.    One router in an HSRP group is in an active state. All other routers are in a standby state or listening state. Answer: C NEW QUESTION 205Which reason for configuring a Cisco Nexus 5000 Series switch in NPV mode is valid? A.    to increase the domain ID limit by assigning subdomain IDs to the edge switchesB.    to share all the domain IDs with the core and edge switchesC.    to eliminate the domain ID limit by assigning a different domain ID to the core switchD.    to alleviate the domain ID limit by sharing the domain ID with the edge switches Answer: C NEW QUESTION 206Which two types of interface exist on Cisco Nexus Fabric Extender? (Choose two.) A.    network interface (NIF)B.    uplink interface (UIF)C.    host interface (HIF)D.    edge interface (EIF)E.    trunk interface (TIF) Answer: AC NEW QUESTION 207What are two physical subcomponents of the Cisco UCS C-Series server? (Choose two.) A.    memory extension nodeB.    hard driveC.    fabric interconnectD.    power supplyE.    compute node Answer: AD NEW QUESTION 208Which description of NPIV is true? A.    It allows storage traffic to transverse Ethernet networks.B.    It exchanges zone information through the fabric.C.    It assigns multiple Fiber Channel IDs to a single N Port.D.    It is enabled on a per-VSAN basis. Answer: C NEW QUESTION 209Which statement about FHRP protocols is true? A.    GLBP group member routers respond to ARP requests by providing their physical MAC addresses.B.    If HSRP priority is not configured, then the router with the highest IP address in the group is elected as active.C.    VRRP and GLBP are standards-based protocols.D.    VRRP provides load balancing by sharing the same virtual MAC address on all VRRP routers. Answer: A NEW QUESTION 210Which two protocols are associated with the link layer of the OSI reference model? (Choose two.) A.    VTPB.    SSHC.    CDPD.    BGPE.    DNS Answer: BD NEW QUESTION 211The MAC address table on a Cisco Nexus Series switch is full What Layer 2 network behavior will occur while the network MAC address table remains full? A.    The switch will remove all dynamically learned MAC addresses from the table.B.    Frames with an unknown destination address will be flooded.C.    All frames will be flooded.D.    The switch will reset the MAC address table, removing all MAC addresses. Answer: C NEW QUESTION 212Drag and DropDrag and drop the protocols on the left to the correct storage types for which they are used on the right. Answer: NEW QUESTION 213Drag and DropDrag and drop the FCoE protocols on the left to the correct descriptions on the right. Answer: NEW QUESTION 214...... Download the newest PassLeader 200-150 dumps from now! 100% Pass Guarantee! 200-150 PDF dumps & 200-150 VCE dumps: (222 Q&As) (New Questions Are 100% Available and Wrong Answers Have Been Corrected! 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