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A.    Create a Quality of Service (QoS) policy.B.    Create an SVM.C.    Create a LIF.D.    Create an IPspace.E.    Create a volume. Answer: ABC NEW QUESTION 2Which NetApp product enables you to leverage legacy storage investments? A.    FlexCloneB.    FlexGroupC.    Cloud Volumes ONTAPD.    FlexArray Answer: C NEW QUESTION 3What are three tiering policies that are associated with a FabricPool-enables aggregate? (Choose three.) A.    backupB.    mirror-vaultC.    local-onlyD.    autoE.    snapshot-only Answer: ADEExplanation: NEW QUESTION 4Which statement about a node-root volume is true? A.    A node-root volume is used as the root volume for all of the SVMs for that node.B.    The volume move command can be used to move a node-root volume.C.    There is only one primary root volume per node in the cluster.D.    A node-root volume may be used for customer data. Answer: C NEW QUESTION 5When performing a manual MetroCluster switchover, which two statements are true? (Choose two.) A.    Only the user specified DR groups are switched over.B.    All SVMs in the disaster site are switched over.C.    All DR groups in the disaster site are switched over.D.    Only the user specified SVMs are switched over. Answer: CD NEW QUESTION 6Which ONTAP feature uses the Service Processor to speed up takeover times between HA pairs? A.    hardware-assisted takeoverB.    automatic takeover and givebackC.    epsilonD.    cluster HA Answer: AExplanation: (page 26) NEW QUESTION 7Regarding root partitioned disks in an ONTAP system, which three types of objects are associated with ADP? (Choose three.) A.    array LUNB.    root partitionC.    container diskD.    data partitionE.    shared disk Answer: BCD NEW QUESTION 8You create SAN volumes with System Manager on a FAS solution. In this scenario, what are three default settings for these volumes? (Choose three.) A.    Volumes have inline deduplication enabled.B.    Volume space guarantee is set to Volume.C.    Volumes have Snapshot copies disabled.D.    Volume snapshot reserve is set to 0.E.    Volume space guarantee is set to None. Answer: CDE NEW QUESTION 9An administrator forgot to update the cabling sheet for a core Cisco switch and cannot recall which ports were used by the NetApp FAS system. Which command should the administrator run to obtain this information? A.    network port showB.    network device-discovery showC.    network interface showD.    network port broadcast-domain show Answer: AExplanation: NEW QUESTION 10How would you protect a NAS SVM root volume? A.    Create a SnapMirror copy of the root volume to a peer cluster.B.    Create load-sharing mirrors.C.    Create a backup the SVM configuration.D.    Create a backup of the SVM root volume. Answer: BExplanation: NEW QUESTION 11According to NetApp best practices, when you configure FC, how many data LIFs should you create per node? A.    4B.    8C.    6D.    2 Answer: DExplanation: NEW QUESTION 12A storage administrator wants to convert a switchless cluster to a switched cluster. You need to determine which switches are supported in ONTAP 9.3. In this scenario, which tool would satisfy the requirement? A.    Config AdvisorB.    Hardware UniverseC.    OnCommand System ManagerD.    OnCommand Unified Manager Answer: BExplanation: NEW QUESTION 13What is the purpose of Epsilon? A.    to monitor cluster healthB.    to be used as a load-balancer for a 2-node clusterC.    to evaluate the differences in node configurationsD.    to be used as a tie-breaker for a cluster quorum Answer: DExplanation: NEW QUESTION 14Two 100 GB space-reserved LUNs and one 100 GB non-space-reserved LUN were created in System Manager in a 1 TB volume. In this scenario, how much space has been allocated for writes to the three LUNs? A.    1 TBB.    300 GBC.    100 GBD.    200 GB Answer: DExplanation: NEW QUESTION 15What are three types of shells that are used in ONTAP? (Choose three.) A.    clustershellB.    systemshellC.    powershellD.    nodeshellE.    bashshell Answer: ABDExplanation: NEW QUESTION 16...... Download the newest PassLeader NS0-160 dumps from now! 100% Pass Guarantee! NS0-160 PDF dumps & NS0-160 VCE dumps: (95 Q&As) (New Questions Are 100% Available and Wrong Answers Have Been Corrected! Free VCE simulator!) P.S. 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