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A.    1B.    128C.    16D.    32 Answer: D NEW QUESTION 554A company must acquire register IP address space from a regional Internet authority and multihome the Internet connection to multiple Internet service providers. Due to limited IPv4 address availability the company was able to allocate only a /24 address block. Which method must be used to ensure that the primary data center receives all traffic unless it is offline? A.    BGP: AS prepend at the secondary DC.B.    EIGRP: Advertise two /25 address blocks to each ISP at the primary DC and a /24 at the secondary DC.C.    BGP: Advertise two /25 address blocks to each ISP at the secondary DC and a /24 at the primary DC.D.    OSPF: AS prepend at the secondary DC. Answer: A NEW QUESTION 555An engineer is seeking to improve access layer convergence. Which two actions accomplish this goal? (Choose two.) A.    Prune unused VLANs to switchesB.    Implement MSTC.    Propagate all VLANs to switchesD.    Configure storm controlE.    Utilize Rapid PVST+ Answer: AE NEW QUESTION 556Which first hop redundancy protocol ensures that load balancing occurs over multiple routers using an angle virtual IP address and multiple Virtual MAC addresses? A.    GLBPB.    VRRPC.    HSRPD.    IRDP Answer: A NEW QUESTION 557Which IPv6 migration strategy supports IPv4 and IPv6 on the same router? A.    IPv6 translationB.    Dual-stackC.    IPv6 tunnelingD.    NAT Answer: A NEW QUESTION 558While designing quality of service policies, which two types of traffic must be prioritized as management traffic? (Choose two.) A.    SCPB.    ICMPC.    RADIUSD.    HTTPSE.    SSH Answer: DE NEW QUESTION 559A company is building a large data center. About 80% of its traffic will be north to south and the other 20% will be east to west. The company is also expecting a significant amount of data center growth over the next 5-10 years but wants to keep the cost of growth low. Which data center design is best suited to meet these goals? A.    a spine and leaf design with Layer 2/3 termination on the leaf nodesB.    a two-tier design with the Layer 2 termination on data center coreC.    a three user design with a Layer 3 termination on the data center coreD.    a spine and leaf design with Layer 2/3 termination on the some nodes Answer: B NEW QUESTION 560Which feature regarding a FlexLink design is true? A.    It permits VLANs to extend across access switches that connect to a common aggregation module.B.    All of the uplinks are in active state.C.    The aggregation layer is aware of FlexLinks.D.    It optimizes the access switch density. Answer: A NEW QUESTION 561An engineer is integrate a recently acquired company's network that has overlapping IP address space Users of the new acquisition must have access to corporate applications. Which action is the most efficient way to provide this access? A.    Build Mo-1 NAT translation for users that need access.B.    Re-IP overlapping address space in the acquired company.C.    Use a single IP address to create overload NAT.D.    Create NAT translation by utilizing a pool of NAT IP addresses. Answer: D NEW QUESTION 562Which feature is a fundamental process of the Cisco TrustSec technology? A.    markingB.    detectionC.    prioritizationD.    propagation Answer: D NEW QUESTION 563An engineer has been requested to utilize a method in an ACI network that will ensure only permitted communications are transmitted between each End Point Group tier in a three tier application. Which element would be utilized to accomplish this within the fabric? A.    ContractB.    SubjectC.    LabelD.    Filter Answer: A NEW QUESTION 564Which mechanism is enabled by default in the OTV technology to conserve bandwidth? A.    Control plane traffic is prevented from traversing the OTV link.B.    Unknown unicast flooding is suppressed over the OTV link.C.    BPDUs are allowed to traverse the OTV link.D.    Data plane traffic is prevented from traversing the OTV link. Answer: B NEW QUESTION 565An engineer is considering time of convergence in a new Layer 3 environment design. Which two attribute must be considered? (Choose two.) A.    OSPF database updatesB.    addition of a valid forwarding pathC.    forwarding table updatesD.    loss of a valid forwarding pathE.    SPT timer updates Answer: CD NEW QUESTION 566What are the two mam elements used by RBAC to provide secure access within an Enterprise? (Choose two.) A.    User LocalesB.    User RolesC.    User DomainsD.    User ProfileE.    User Privileges Answer: AE NEW QUESTION 567A legacy OSPF network design solution historically included a large number of routers in a single backbone area 0. The network currently has over 300 OSPF routers How is this network redesigned to further expansion? A.    Implement route summarization on the routers in backbone area.B.    Use EIGRP routing protocol instead of OSPF.C.    Adjust OSPF timers to smaller values.D.    Break down area 0 into smaller nobackbone areas. Answer: D NEW QUESTION 568An engineer must optimize a single-homed connection in a small branch office. Which technology accomplishes this goal? A.    MSEB.    WAEC.    DMVPND.    MPLS Answer: B NEW QUESTION 569An engineer has been asked to design a LAN topology with high Availability and the loop-free features of STP. It must also support Etherchannel between multiple chassis and a separate control plane for each switch terminating these multiple connections. Which technology should the engineer recommend to be deployment on the upstream switches? A.    StackWiseB.    FEXC.    VSSD.    VPC Answer: D NEW QUESTION 570An engineer must deploy a corporate QoS design in the shortest time possible. Which model accomplishes this goal? A.    DiffServB.    intServC.    WREDD.    Auto-QoS Answer: D NEW QUESTION 571...... Download the newest PassLeader 300-320 dumps from now! 100% Pass Guarantee! 300-320 PDF dumps & 300-320 VCE dumps: (572 Q&As) (New Questions Are 100% Available and Wrong Answers Have Been Corrected! Free VCE simulator!) P.S. 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