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A.    apt-get updateB.    apt-get upgradeC.    apt-cache updateD.    apt-get refreshE.    apt-cache upgrade Answer: A NEW QUESTION 2Which function key is used to start Safe Mode in Windows NT? A.    F10B.    F8C.    F6D.    Windows NT does not support Safe Mode Answer: D NEW QUESTION 3Which of the following commands can be used to perform a full text search on all available packages on a Debian system? A.    aptB.    apt-cacheC.    apt-getD.    apt-searchE.    dpkg Answer: B NEW QUESTION 4Which of the following commands can be used to create a USB storage media from a disk image? A.    gdiskB.    ddC.    ccD.    fdiskE.    mount Answer: B NEW QUESTION 5What is the purpose of the Bash built-in export command? A.    It allows disks to be mounted remotely.B.    It runs a command as a process in a subshell.C.    It makes the command history available to subshells.D.    It sets up environment variables for applications.E.    It shares NFS partitions for use by other systems on the network. Answer: D NEW QUESTION 6Which of the following commands moves and resumes in the background the last stopped shell job? A.    runB.    bgC.    fgD.    back Answer: B NEW QUESTION 7When starting a program with the nice command without any additional parameters, which nice level is set for the resulting process? A.    -10B.    0C.    10D.    20 Answer: C NEW QUESTION 8Which variable defines the directories in which a Bash shell searches for executable commands? A.    BASHEXECB.    BASHRCC.    PATHD.    EXECPATHE.    PATHRC Answer: C NEW QUESTION 9Which of the following are valid stream redirection operators within Bash? (Choose three.) A.    <B.    <<<C.    >D.    >>>E.    %> Answer: ABC NEW QUESTION 10Which of the following is the device file name for the second partition on the only SCSI drive? A.    /dev/hda1B.    /dev/sda2C.    /dev/sd0a2D.    /dev/sd1p2 Answer: B NEW QUESTION 11When creating a hard link to an ordinary file, it returns an error, what could be the reason for this? A.    The source file is hidden.B.    The source file is read-only.C.    The source file is a shell script.D.    The source file is already a hard link.E.    The source and the target are on different filesystems. Answer: E NEW QUESTION 12Instead of supplying an explicit device in /etc/fstab for mounting, what other options may be used to identify the intended partition? (Choose two.) A.    FINDB.    IDC.    LABELD.    NAMEE.    UUID Answer: CE NEW QUESTION 13Which of the following commands are common Linux commands for file management? (Choose three.) A.    copyB.    mvC.    moveD.    cpE.    mkdir Answer: BDE NEW QUESTION 14Which signal is sent by the kill command by default? A.    SIGHUP(1)B.    SIGQUIT(3)C.    SIGKILL(9)D.    SIGTERM(15) Answer: D NEW QUESTION 15Which of the following commands converts spaces in a file to tab characters and prints the result to standard output? A.    iconvB.    expandC.    unexpandD.    tab Answer: C NEW QUESTION 16Which command is used to query information about the available packages on a Debian system? A.    apt-cacheB.    apt-getC.    apt-searchD.    dpkgE.    dpkg-search Answer: A NEW QUESTION 17Which of the following commands is used to change metadata and options for ext3 filesystems? A.    mod3fsB.    tune3fsC.    mod2fsD.    tune2fsE.    dump2fs Answer: D NEW QUESTION 18Which of the following are filesystems which can be used on Linux root partitions? (Choose two.) A.    NTFSB.    ext3C.    XFSD.    VFATE.    swap Answer: BE NEW QUESTION 19Which of the following options must be passed to a filesystem's entry in /etc/fstab in order to mount the file system without root privileges? A.    autoB.    norestrictC.    noautoD.    user Answer: D NEW QUESTION 20Where does the BIOS search for a bootloader? A.    On all connected storage media regardless of the boot device order.B.    On all connected storage media in the defined boot device order.C.    Only on hard disk drives in the defined boot device order.D.    Only on the last added storage media.E.    The BIOS is not responsible to search for a valid bootloader. Answer: B NEW QUESTION 21...... Download the newest PassLeader 101-500 dumps from now! 100% Pass Guarantee! 101-500 PDF dumps & 101-500 VCE dumps: (465 Q&As) (New Questions Are 100% Available and Wrong Answers Have Been Corrected! Free VCE simulator!) P.S. 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