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A.    Fiber-optic networkingB.    Multiprotocol routersC.    Wireless networkingD.    Remote access devices Answer: B NEW QUESTION 102Which is a key benefit of Cisco UCS? A.    Hardware-centric designB.    Distributed infrastructure managementC.    Integrated third-party applicationsD.    Unified network fabric Answer: D NEW QUESTION 103Which Cisco technology uses software-defined segmentation to simplify the provisioning of network access, accelerate security operations, and consistently enforce policy? A.    Cisco Platform Exchange GridB.    Cisco TalosC.    Cisco Stealthwatch EngineD.    Cisco TrustSec Answer: D NEW QUESTION 104Which collaboration product can count meeting participants and provide analytics for usage and resource planning? A.    Cisco Webex Room SeriesB.    Cisco Webex BoardC.    Cisco Mx SeriesD.    Cisco TelePresence IX5000 Series Answer: A NEW QUESTION 105Which Cisco cloud-managed solution allows customers to unify management in a secure, browser-based dashboard? A.    Cisco HyperflexB.    Cisco UCSC.    Cisco MerakiD.    Cisco Intersight Answer: C NEW QUESTION 106Which of the fllowing could be defined as a long-term plan that enables the business to work toward achieving its vision by considering business operations, value proposition, customers, and finance? A.    MissionB.    StrategyC.    GoalsD.    Objectives Answer: B NEW QUESTION 107What is the negative impact of digitization on businesses? A.    Moving applications away from the web.B.    Increasing the security of data.C.    Making old experiences seem new.D.    Putting demands on the network. Answer: A NEW QUESTION 108What is one benefit of the Cisco SD-WAN solution? A.    Providing guest networks for customers, system integrators, and vendors.B.    Continuous monitoring of the entire network environment in order to detect abnormal wireless activity.C.    Establishing transport-independent WAN for lower cost and higher diversity.D.    Supporting agile software development and deployment processes through a single point of management. Answer: D NEW QUESTION 109Which of the following are included on the Offering Pattern Reference Model? A.    pricing schedules, service agreements, routes to market, and opportunity paradigmsB.    offerings, pricing schedules, service agreements, and routes to marketC.    offeings, routes to market, pricing schedules, and service agreementsD.    offerings, markets, pricing methods, location, and routes to market Answer: D NEW QUESTION 110Which of the following is not a feature of Cisco ONE software? A.    License portability and fleibility.B.    Software license tied to hardware.C.    Access to innovation, upgrades and new capabilities.D.    Simple set of solutions in networks and cloud. Answer: D NEW QUESTION 111In addressing the full attack continuum, what type of capabilities are required before an attack? A.    Preventive and ResponseB.    Preventive and DetectiveC.    Predictive and ResponseD.    Preventive and Predictive Answer: B NEW QUESTION 112Which of the following are included in Cisco's current networking product lines? A.    Switches, routers, and application delivery controllers.B.    Application delivery controllers, LAN, and WAN.C.    Switches, routers, LAN, and WAN.D.    Switches, routers, application delivery controllers, LAN, and WAN. Answer: C NEW QUESTION 113Which of the following could be considered a business outcome? A.    Respect employees, customers, and suppliers.B.    To nourish people and the planet.C.    Implement a direct-to-customer experience by the end of FY 2021.D.    Customer experience/innovation fulfillment. Answer: A NEW QUESTION 114Which Cisco network administration product enables the creation and enforcement of security and access polices for a company's connected endpoint devices? A.    Cisco ldentity Services EngineB.    Cisco Platform Exchange GridC.    Cisco Stealthwatch EnterpriseD.    Cisco TrustSec Answer: A NEW QUESTION 115Which phrase describes the benefits of the Cisco UCS product range? A.    Cloud-based security solution allowing customers to be protected on any device at any location.B.    Communication on an all-in-one platform designed to fit the way customers work.C.    Increased productivity, reduced total cost of ownership, and scalability to the data center.D.    Cloud-based service allowing customers to set up and configure an entire virtual data center in minutes. Answer: A NEW QUESTION 116How is creating and capturing business value achieved by Cisco? A.    Delving into the main issues faced by customers and getting feedback from previous work done.B.    Measuring the efforts of every team in delivering on their promises.C.    Determining the business priorities, business capabilities, and business solutions that enable the customer-defined outcomes.D.    Strategizing with the sales team on how to empower their sales personnel in attaining business goals. Answer: D NEW QUESTION 117Which of the following are features of the Cisco Firepower NGFW? A.    Threat focusedB.    Unified managementC.    Cloud basedD.    Fully integrated Answer: A NEW QUESTION 118Which type of business requirements define the required parameter for a solution? A.    Transitional requirementsB.    General business requirementsC.    Technical requirementsD.    Functional requirements Answer: C NEW QUESTION 119What key aspect of digitization allows the deployment of new services without lengthy and costly investments in server or networking infrastructure? A.    Streaming servicesB.    Enterprise network architectureC.    Cloud computingD.    Data science Answer: B NEW QUESTION 120Which of the following is not a factor that drives the target state of the business at a customer organization? A.    MissionB.    ValuesC.    VisionD.    Client engagement Answer: A NEW QUESTION 121...... 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